Feel free to browse Power Lending Group online calculators.

Our online loan calculators are user friendly, informative and will provide you with a general idea of how much you can borrow, a calculation of various loan repayments, stamp duty and other fees, a savings planner and an effective way to compare home loans from different lenders

Loan Comparison Calculator
To evaluate the total cost of your home loan over time.....try our Loan Comparison Calculator. It has been designed to help you compare different loan products by including upfront and ongoing fees in addition to interest costs.

Borrowing Power
By entering a few details.....this calculator provides an estimate of the total amount you can borrow, monthly repayments, term of the loan, and total payments including principal and interest.

Stamp Duty & Fees
Ever considered what fees are payable when purchasing a property? By using this calculator you will be fully informed of the applicable stamp duties and other fees for all Australian states and territories.

Savings Calculator
Not quite ready to purchase your dream home or investment property? Use this calculator as a planning tool to help meet your savings objectives.

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